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5 min readNov 24, 2021


Hello JAVA hodlers! We have a lot of good news for you and even greater news rising on the horizon! We are undergoing multiple audits and are complying with the corrections suggested by our first auditor. We thank RugDoc for their timely and effective audit and we’re about to undergo two additional audits to further enhance and advance our security and the quality of our code. We are also getting updated with Rugdoc straight after our launch. However, to be fully compliant with Rugdoc’s suggestions, we’re migrating our code. This requires a concrete community effort and our first major challenge. But a community is nothing without its challenges and the overcoming of obstacles!

In order to successfully migrate, you need to remove your JAVA V1 token and liquidity from Java Farms V1 and Espresso Pools V1, transfer your JAVA V1 token to our new JAVA V2 token and then place it in Java Farms V2 and Espresso Pools V2. There will of course be no withdrawal penalties. At JavaSwap we are always radically transparent with our community and we’re aiming to become the best DeFi service for you! We will venture forth and carry on delivering our stunningly innovative features and providing value to all our users!

Why are we changing our smart contracts for the Espresso Pools and Java Farms and launching JAVA V2?

We’re preparing for our Lunar Launch 2.0 and JavaSwap is preparing for interstellar price action! To improve the overall functionality of our code, we have decided to migrate JAVA token Version 1 (V1) to Version 2 (V2). This ensures the continued safety of everyone’s funds. This is necessary to make it impossible for any funds to be moved by a potential rogue developer in the future.

Right now, we’re going to migrate all the liquidity on Java Farms V1 and all the staked JAVA V1 from Espresso Pools to a new staking and farming smart contract! In order to do this, you need to change your JAVA V1 for JAVA V2. This is done by first clicking the automigrate or the manual migrate button and not the swap page!

Why is the migration necessary?

This migration is necessary because we have forked a version of PancakeSwap with the migrator code. The migrator code is secure, but the original functionality of this to update via PancakeSwap and could potentially be misused. Therefore, we have removed the migrator code to further prove we have benevolent intentions and prevent any misuse, however unlikely it is.

We’re fully committed to being one of the DEX best platforms on Polygon and serving the community to the fullest extent. Here at JavaSwap we always speak plainly, truthfully and honestly with our community. Our users will have plenty of time to migrate and make a ton of money! This is a great opportunity. Because we want to give you our best service, we are giving everyone who provides liquidity on Java Farms a bonus multiplier on our JAVA V2- USDC pairing! Then Lunar Launch straight after!

So what’s coming after Migration?

-A massive bonus multiplier for our JAVA V2! Get a bonus multiplier on our USDC to JAVA V2 pair for 2 weeks!

-JavaSwap’s Lunar Launch 2.0

-Lucky Lotto begins

-The Non-Fungible Thousand airdrop

- A surprise or two

- New games aplenty


What is the V2 migration?

Our migration successfully consists of 3 components:

Migrating from JAVA token V1 to JAVA token V2

Migrating from Espresso Pools V1 to Espresso Pools V2

Migrating from Java Farms V1 from to Java Farms V2

All 3 of these components are necessary for JAVA and JavaSwap to become V2. Once these changes are completed, then Lunar Launch begins!

Which Guide should I follow to successfully migrate?

If you are a JAVA Hodler that is not staked or providing liquidity, then follow the JAVA Hodlers guide.

If you have your JAVA token staked in Espresso Pools V1, then please follow the Espresso Pools Guide.

If you have provided Liquidity in Java Farms V1, then please follow the Java Farms Guide.

Before you do any of the steps, please do the following process first:

Add JAVA V2 to your wallet by connecting your wallet, going to the Espresso Pools V2 page, clicking the Auto JAVA button and then clicking the “add to MetaMask” button. Confirm this in MetaMask and now JAVA V2 will be present in the asset section.

Tip: Ensure you have JAVA V2 added to your MetaMask or wallet otherwise your wallet will show JAVA V1 as empty and falsely cast the appearance your JAVA has disappeared, even though this is not the case as it has been converted to JAVA V2.

JAVA Hodlers guide (Change the JAVA V1 token for the JAVA V2 token)

1. Click the “manual migration” button and swap JAVA V1 to JAVA V2 at a 1:1 ratio. Please do not use the swap page!

2. You have successfully completed your migration! You can now stake or provide liquidity on Espresso Pools V2 or Java Farms V2 if you wish to!

Espresso Pools Guide (Espresso Pools V1 to V2)

1. Collect and unstake your JAVA V1 from Espresso Pools V1 by using the “automate migration button”.

2. Swap your JAVA V1 for JAVA V2 (use the manual migration if you’re having any trouble with the “Automate migration” button.)

3. Go to the Espresso Pools V2 and stake again with JAVA V2.

4. Earn sky-high APY!

Java Farms Guide (Java Farms V1 to V2)

1. Harvest and unstake your liquidity from Java Farms V1 by using the”automate migration” button.

2. Swap your JAVA V1 for JAVA V2 (use the manual migration if you’re having any trouble with the “Automate migration” button.)

3. Go to the Java Farms V2 and provide liquidity again.

4. Earn sky-high APY!

Note: You will need to approve each transaction on your MetaMask wallet so have a tiny bit of Polygon at the ready!

Get ready JAVA Hodlers! Lunar Launch is round the corner! Turbo acceleration is inbound!

Join our community and follow us for more new information and updates. Or if you have any questions! JAVA to the moon!

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