JavaSwap Weekly Report #1

Hello JAVA hodlers! We are very excited to tell you that it’s official! We have launched our own NFT market place in JavaSwap so you can buy or sell ours and different types of NFT’s! In addition to that, we created a partnership with Apy Aliens that will help us to boost the market place in JavaSwap.

The good news continues!

We managed to make an important agreement with DailyCop where Java will be one of the decentralized exchanges where people will be able to buy and sell DailyCop.

Did you know? DLY COP it´s a Stable digital token that trades 1:1 with the Colombian peso?

DLY COP offers you the benefits of a cryptoasset without having to worry about continuous price variations.

With daily you can make exchanges and additionally you can get some returns with one of the services that javaswap offers!

We also want to tell you about an incredible experience we lived where we participated in a great event called crypto experiences II, there we had a great acceptance! Soon we will be announcing new alliances with important projects in the world of cryptocurrencies, our world!

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