Hello JAVA holders!

We are sure you are also wondering what else you can do with your JAVA. Well, you can participate in a lottery called Lucky Lotto in JavaSwap.

Today the Javaswap team wants to tell you that we are ready to launch the JavaSwap Lotto service, yes…. a…



On March 4th, we are excited to announce that APYaliens and Javaswap started a new partnership.

1. Javaswap.io will launch the new MIND pool.

2. All MIND services in terms of tokenization will be on our DEX (Javaswap.io)

About Mind, is a community of professionals who, directing this project, seeks that all its participants successfully travel the path of change from the traditional financial market towards digitization.

MIND Wold social media:

Website: https://mindworld.io/

About Javaswap: JavaSwap is a cutting edge AMM (Automatic Money maker) and yield farm on Polygon (MATIC) with the fastest transaction speeds, the cheapest fees and the most intuitive user interface. JavaSwap is the people’s token, allowing anyone to rapidly swap in our DEX without paying overly expensive fees.

Social media of javaswap.io:

Website: https://javaswap.io/
Intagram: @javaswap.official
TikTok: @java_swap



JavaSwap Official

We are a cutting edge AMM and yield farm on the Polygon network, with the fastest transaction speeds, cheapest fees and the most intuitive user interface.